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IAMSPORT is a unique hybrid global network combining a social community with a leisure and performance apparel brand. 

IAMSPORT was originally founded in 1986 in the Netherlands [IKBENSPORT] as a concept and mental attitude that identified athletes with their sport of participation. The philosophy was centered around the acknowledgement that leisure, amateur and professional athletes passionately connected on a psychological and physical level with their sport of choice. In that regard, they “became” that sport and that sense of connection created a motivation and conviction, which would carry through in all aspects of their life resulting not only in successful achievements in sport, but also in every other social area of their lives. And thus, IAMSPORT became a statement of attitude, a reflection of confidence, perseverance and possibility. Regardless of particular sport discipline, any athlete could look into the mirror and say  “IAMSPORT”.

Today, IAMSPORT is a large global social community for athletes by athletes and all practitioners, spectators and fans of sport. With over a million members, IAMSPORT connects you globally with like-minded sports enthusiasts.

The “IAM” identifying brand is carried through in every popular sport practiced and played in the world today.

As a communication and community technology partner, IAMSPORT is the exclusive global communications provider for the World Olympians Association having created the official Internet mail service for all Olympians under the OLYMPIAN.ORG brand name. Presently OLYMPIAN.ORG is the largest active mail database of Olympians in the world.

IAMSPORT promotes the idea of sportsmanship as an attitude that strives for fair play, courtesy towards teammates and opponents, ethical behavior and integrity, and grace in losing. As a community IAMSPORT unites people who share a love for sports across the globe. Sport is one of the most prevalent common threads in our daily existence and has the power to change, improve and motivate.

Once you have become an IAMSPORTER, you can create your own profile, upload photos and videos, blog, get your own free “iamsport.org” email address, chat, make friends, share experiences and create your own communities.